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Project in school – Tetris clone

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick on March 16, 2008

We’ve had a school project the last two terms where you have to choose a subject and write a report about it. You can also create something and write log books trough the whole process which is what I did. I saw this as an opportunity to either make something really cool, or just make it easy for myself. Guess what? I chose the latter.

The Project, Tetris
I decided to make a Tetris clone in Python and PyGame. I’ve made Tetris twice before so I thought it would be a piece of cake. First of all, I had never tried Python before when I started this project, but that part was quite easy. The game was quite a pain to make though and Python honestly drove me crazy sometimes. In the end I finished it though, this was about 1 week ago. I started on this project in October 2007 if I remember correctly and worked with it according to a schedule.

I tried to keep the game as simple as possible. You get points for each row you clear. It’s my first game in Python so the code is most likely terrible, i’ll live with that. I will show the game after i’ve packaged it. I added a highscore list to my website as well.

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