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Tetris game in Python

Posted in Uncategorized by Patrick on March 20, 2008

We’ve had a project in school this year and this is the thing I came up with. It’s a Tetris clone coded in Python using the library PyGame. Unfortunately, I won’t release the source code for this game, I have my reasons : )

I took some things into consideration when I made this game (game play wise). I’ve tried many different versions of Tetris before and become very frustruated because the rotation and block types are different than they use to be. That’s why I tried to make this Tetris clone as much alike the standard version as possible.

How to play
The block is controlled by the arrow keys and you can rotate the block with the UP-key and move the block fast with the DOWN-key.

I’ve added a web highscore system so players can upload their scores.

Download game
Windows Executable (blockbreaker.rar)